Eric Engel, of Engel Tutors of Ann Arbor.

About Eric

Training & Experience

I am a certified English teacher who has taught middle school and high school in Southeast Michigan for more than eight years. In 2011, I began teaching Reading for students with learning challenges at Ann Arbor Academy.

In addition, I have independently tutored students with dyslexia, ADHD, autism and a variety of learning disabilities for over ten years. My training in the Foundations of Analysis Synthesis Translations Learning program (F.A.S.T.) influences much of my approach to students with reading and writing challenges. I have presented my strategies at a national education conference and am active in several professional groups for educators in Washtenaw county.

Lobo the dog supports Ann Arbor tutoring students at Engel Tutors.

Location & Personal Interests

As a professional storyteller, I often use storytelling as a part of my practice. I live on Ann Arbor’s West Side with my wife and our faithful tutoring dog, Lobo. When not teaching or tutoring, I pursue interests in ecology, game design, gardening, and hiking.

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